Sıvaper Natural Insulation Products

Wall and floor insulation in a building is necessary to maintain constant temperatures of living spaces, preventing heat entering when it is warm and preventing heat from escaping when it is cold. Proper insulation will also save a lot of money on heating and cooling utility bills.

If an insulation material provides a versatile and long lasting insulation in one, it is logical to use it for an efficient insulation. Sıvaper is a building material which provides thermal insulation, sound insulation, resistance against fire (class A1) and prevents humidity. Beside of all it is inorganic and inert material and this makes it a long lasting product.

Sıvaper products are used on exterior and interior walls as well as on floorings and roofs.


  • Thermal Insulation: Low Thermal Conductivity makes the walls and floors thermally efficient. Reduces heat transfer through the walls during winter and summer.
  • Light Weight: Loose Density is low. This reduces the weight of the building walls and makes the structures stronger.
  • Fire Resistant: Fire safe product (Class A1). It protects the steel and concrete parts of the buildings covered for a few hours.
  • Environment Friendly: Made of natural and inorganic product. It doesn’t decomposes or react with any material.
  • Breathable Walls: Breathable plaster which prevents dampness and moulds inside the buildings. This makes healthy residences.
  • Sound Insulation: It reduces noise and sound transmission through walls and floors. It reduces especially pulsed sounds
  • Easy Application : Add only water and apply it as traditional methods.